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1935 issue of Senegal

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Short desc: 1935

Issuer: Senegal
Dates: 12/15/1935 - 1940

Consists of 30 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c viobl d=Faidherbe Bridge
2c brn d=Faidherbe Bridge
1940 3c vio d=Faidherbe Bridge
4c graybl d=Faidherbe Bridge
5c orgred d=Faidherbe Bridge
10c vio d=Faidherbe Bridge
15c blk d=Faidherbe Bridge
20c car d=Faidherbe Bridge
25c blkbrn d=Faidherbe Bridge
30c grn d=Faidherbe Bridge
40c roselake d=Faidherbe Bridge
45c dkblgrn d=Faidherbe Bridge
50c redorg d=Diourbei Mosque
1940 60c vio d=Diourbei Mosque
65c dkvio d=Diourbei Mosque
1940 70c redbrn d=Diourbei Mosque
75c brn d=Diourbei Mosque
90c rosecar d=Diourbei Mosque
1fr vio d=Diourbei Mosque
1.25fr brn d=Diourbei Mosque
1939 1.25fr rosecar d=Diourbei Mosque
1940 1.40fr dkblgrn d=Diourbei Mosque
1.50fr dkbl d=Diourbei Mosque
1.60fr pckbl d=Diourbei Mosque
1.75fr dkblgrn d=Diourbei Mosque
2fr bl d=Diourbei Mosque
3fr grn d=Diourbei Mosque
5fr blkgrn d=Diourbei Mosque
10fr roselake d=Diourbei Mosque
20fr sl d=Diourbei Mosque

All are perf=12.5x12.25

Issues with this name: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, British offices in Morocco, French currency, British offices in Morocco, Spanish currency, Guatemala, Honduras, Barwani, Chamba, Ireland, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, Mozambique Company, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, El Salvador, Samoa, Senegal, Spanish Morocco, Straits Settlements (0), Yugoslavia

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