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1935 issue of New Zealand

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Short desc: 1935

Issuer: New Zealand
Date: 5/1/1935

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2p grn d=pied fantail & clematis perf=14x13.5
1p red d=kiwi & cabbage palm
1p red d=kiwi & cabbage palm var=darker sky lines
1 1/2d redbrn d=Maori woman cooking
2p redorg d=Maori council house perf=14x13.5
2 1/2d dkgray&dkbrn d=Mt Cook & mountain lilies
3p brn d=Maori girl
4p blkbrn&blk d=Mitre Peak (1935)
5p viobl d=swordfish
6p red d=harvesting (1935)
8p dkbrn d=tuatara (1935) perf=14x13.5
9p blk&red d=Maori door panel
1sh dkgrn d=tui bird perf=14x13.5
2sh olgrn d=Captain Cook at Poverty Bay
3sh yelbrn&brnblk d=Mt Egmont

All are wmk=NZ & star (close)

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