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1930 issue of South Africa

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Short desc: 1930

Issuer: South Africa
Date: 1930

Consists of 24 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2p d=springbok (1926) var=SUIDAFRIKA
1/2p multi&blk d=Perf: 15 x 14
1p car&blk d=ship (1926 b) var=SUIDAFRIKA
1p rose&blk d=ship (1926 b) var=SUIDAFRIKA
2p vio&gray d=government buildings,Pretoria var=SUIDAFRIKA
2p vio&ind d=government buildings,Pretoria var=SUIDAFRIKA
2p dkvio&dkbl
2p dkvio&dkbl
3p red&blk d=Groote Schuur var=SUIDAFRIKA
3p carred&grnblk
4p brn d=Kaffir kraal var=SUIDAFRIKA
6p org&grn d=orange tree (1926) var=SUIDAFRIKA
6p d=Perf: 15 x 14
1sh dlbl&yelbrn d=gnus var=SUIDAFRIKA
1sh dkbl&brn
2sh6p redbrn&grn d=trekking var=SUIDAFRIKA
2sh6p brncar&grn
2sh6p redbrn&multi
2sh6p redbrn&multi

All are wmk=mult springboks head

Issues with this name: Argentina, Azores, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Eritrea, Estonia, Finland, Honduras, Hyderabad, Jordan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Turkey, United States, Wallis & Futuna Islands, Yemen

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