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1930 issue of Turkey

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  • Colnect-1058-938-Railroad-Bridge-over--quot-Kizilirmak-quot-.jpg
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  • Colnect-733-018-Railroad-Bridge-over--quot-Kizilirmak-quot-.jpg
  • Colnect-5053-413-The-Legendary-Blacksmith-and-his-Gray-Wolf.jpg
  • Colnect-1058-943-Fortress-of-Ankara.jpg
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  • Colnect-1058-955-Kemal-Ataturk.jpg
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Short desc: 1930

Issuer: Turkey
Date: 1930

Consists of 22 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10pa grn d=The Legendary Blacksmith & his Gray Wolf
20pa dlvio d=Railroad Bridge over the river Kizil
1k olgrn
1 1/2k olblk d=The Legendary Blacksmith & his Gray Wolf
2k dlvio d=Railroad Bridge over the river Kizil
2 1/2k grn d=Railroad Bridge over the river Kizil
3k brnorg d=Railroad Bridge over the river Kizil
4k dprose d=The Legendary Blacksmith & his Gray Wolf
5k roselake d=Fortress of Ankara
6k ind d=The Legendary Blacksmith & his Gray Wolf
7 1/2k redbrn d=Sakarya Gorge
12 1/2k dpultra d=Fortress of Ankara
15k dporg d=Fortress of Ankara
17 1/2k dkgray d=Sakarya Gorge
20k blkbrn d=Fortress of Ankara
25k olbrn d=Sakarya Gorge
30k orgbrn d=Fortress of Ankara
40k redvio d=Sakarya Gorge
50k red&blk d=Kemal Ataturk (1930)
100k olgrn&blk d=Kemal Ataturk (1930)
200k dkgrn&blk d=Kemal Ataturk (1930)
500k choc&blk d=Kemal Ataturk (1930)

All are dt=Latin with umlaut perf=12

Used by 14 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Turkey-issue=1930-1 1/2k
issuer=Turkey-issue=1930-2 1/2k
issuer=Turkey-issue=1930-1 1/2k-olblk
issuer=Turkey-issue=1930-7 1/2k
issuer=Turkey-issue=1930-12 1/2k

Issues with this name: Argentina, Azores, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Eritrea, Estonia, Finland, Honduras, Hyderabad, Jordan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Turkey, United States, Wallis & Futuna Islands, Yemen

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