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1940 issue of Togo

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Short desc: 1940

Issuer: Togo
Date: 1940

Consists of 26 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2c d=grinding meal
3c d=grinding meal
4c d=grinding meal
5c d=grinding meal perf=12.5
10c d=grinding meal perf=12.5
15c d=grinding meal perf=12.5
20c d=Mono Bay & village perf=12.5
25c viobl d=Mono Bay & village
30c d=Mono Bay & village perf=12.5
40c car d=Mono Bay & village
45c blkgrn d=Mono Bay & village
50c d=Mono Bay & village perf=12.5
60c d=Mono Bay & village perf=12.5
70c blk d=hunting (1940)
90c vio d=hunting (1940)
1fr grn d=hunting (1940)
1.25fr dprose d=hunting (1940)
1.40fr redbrn d=hunting (1940)
1.60fr redorg d=hunting (1940)
2fr d=hunting (1940) perf=12.5
2.25fr ultra d=Ewe woman
2.50fr rose d=Ewe woman
3fr d=Ewe woman perf=12.5
5fr red d=Ewe woman
10fr pur d=Ewe woman
20fr blk d=Ewe woman

Issues with this name: Brazil, Cameroun, Cape Juby, Colombia, Bohemia & Moravia, German occupation of Alsace, German occupation of Lorraine, North Epirus, Iceland, Ireland, Russian occupation of Latvia, Russian occupation of Lithuania, Netherlands, Niue, Norway, Romania, Spanish Guinea, Syria, Thailand, Togo, Uruguay, Vatican City, Yemen

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