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1940 issue of Romania

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Short desc: 1940

Issuer: Romania
Date: 9/6/1940

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

25b perf=VARIOUS
1l pur
2l redorg perf=VARIOUS
4l sl
5L dprose perf=VARIOUS
10l perf=VARIOUS
12l perf=VARIOUS
13l perf=14.25x14
16l prusbl perf=VARIOUS
20l brn
30l yelgrn
50l olbrn
100l rosebrn

All are d=King Michael I (1940 a) wmk=crowns & monograms

Issues with this name: Brazil, Cameroun, Cape Juby, Colombia, Bohemia & Moravia, German occupation of Alsace, German occupation of Lorraine, North Epirus, Iceland, Ireland, Russian occupation of Latvia, Russian occupation of Lithuania, Netherlands, Niue, Norway, Romania, Spanish Guinea, Syria, Thailand, Togo, Uruguay, Vatican City, Yemen

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