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1867 issue of Victoria

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Short desc: 1867

Issuer: Victoria
Dates: 1867 - 2/1877

Consists of 14 stamps: (See stamps as list)

8/10/1867 1p ltgrn d=Queen Victoria (1863 Victoria) perf=12
8/26/1867 2p roselil d=Queen Victoria laureated perf=12
1868 2d d=Queen Victoria
8/12/1868 2d lil d=Queen Victoria (1863 Victoria)
8/1867 3d redlil d=Queen Victoria laureated perf=12
6/12/1869 3d orgyel d=Queen Victoria laureated perf=12
8/1867 4d d=Queen Victoria (1863 Victoria) perf=12
12/1867 6p bl d=Queen Victoria laureated perf=12
2/1877 8d d=Queen Victoria (1863 Victoria) perf=12
1sh d=Queen Victoria laureated 1sh perf=12
12/26/1867 5sh bl pc=yel d=Queen Victoria (1867 Victoria 5sh) perf=12
12/26/1867 5sh bl&rose d=Queen Victoria (1867 Victoria 5sh) perf=12
12/26/1867 5sh ultra&rose d=Queen Victoria (1867 Victoria 5sh) perf=12
10/8/1868 5sh d=Queen Victoria

All are wmk=V & crown

Issues with this name: New South Wales, Victoria, Austria, British Columbia, Ceylon, Dominican Republic, Bavaria, Great Britain, Heligoland, Roman states, Mexico, Nevis, Norway, Portugal, Turkey

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