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1905 issue of Guadeloupe

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Short desc: 1905

Issuer: Guadeloupe
Dates: 1905 - 1927

Consists of 29 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c blk pc=gray d=harbor at Basse-Terre
2c orgbrn pc=buff d=harbor at Basse-Terre
4c bisbrn pc=palegrn d=harbor at Basse-Terre
5c grn d=harbor at Basse-Terre
1922 5c bl d=harbor at Basse-Terre
10c rose d=harbor at Basse-Terre
1922 10c grn d=harbor at Basse-Terre
1927 10c red pc=grn d=harbor at Basse-Terre
15c vio d=harbor at Basse-Terre
20c red pc=grn d=view of La Soufriere
1922 20c blgrn d=view of La Soufriere
25c bl d=view of La Soufriere
1922 25c olgrn d=view of La Soufriere
30c blk d=view of La Soufriere
1922 30c red d=view of La Soufriere
1927 30c brnol d=view of La Soufriere
1906 35c blk pc=yel d=view of La Soufriere
40c red d=view of La Soufriere
1907 45c olgray d=view of La Soufriere
1927 45c rose d=view of La Soufriere
50c graygrn d=view of La Soufriere
1922 50c dpbl d=view of La Soufriere
1927 50c redvio d=view of La Soufriere
1927 65c bl d=view of La Soufriere
75c car pc=bl d=view of La Soufriere
1fr blk pc=grn d=Pointe-à-Pitre
1927 1fr ltbl d=Pointe-à-Pitre
2fr car pc=org d=Pointe-à-Pitre
5fr dpbl pc=org d=Pointe-à-Pitre

Issues with this name: New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Austria, Austrian offices in Crete, Belgium, Brazil, British Guiana, Chile, China, Cucuta, Santander, Crete, Cuba, Danish West Indies, French Guiana, Germany, German offices in Morocco, British offices in Morocco, Spanish currency, Guadeloupe, Iran, Labuan, Leeward Islands, New Caledonia, Cabo Gracias a Dios, Paraguay, St. KittsNevis, Somaliland Protectorate

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