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1892 issue of Horta

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Short desc: 1892

Issuer: Horta
Dates: 6/1/1892 - 1893

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5r yel
10r redvio
15r choc
20r lav
25r dpgrn
50r bl
75r car
80r yelgrn
1893 100r brn
1893 150r car
1893 200r dkbl
1893 300r dkbl

All are d=King Carlos (1892)

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Angra, Argentina, Tasmania, Barbados, Colombia, Antioquia, Santander, Eritrea, Funchal, Haiti, Horta, Cochin, Liberia, Johore, Perak, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Niger Coast Protectorate, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Straits Settlements, Tonga, Turkey

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