Stamps of Bulgaria, missing perf

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1884, May 1 ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 3s rose on 10s-rose-unissued (0) 14.5x15
- 5s bl & yelbrn on 30s-bl&yelbrn-unissued (0)
- 5s bl & yelbrn on 30s-bl&yelbrn-unissued (0) 14.5x15
- 15s bl on 25s-bl-unissued (0) 14.5x15

1885, Jun ovpted
- 3s rose on 10s-rose-unissued (0) 14.5x15
- 5s bl & yelbrn on 30s-bl&yelbrn-unissued (0) 14.5x15
- 15s bl on 25s-bl-unissued (0) 14.5x15
- 50s blk & red on 1fr-blk&red-unissued (0) 14.5x15

1894 pelure paper unwmk
- 10s rose lion of Bulgaria 1.00–10. .30–1.00

1896, Apr 30
- 2l rose & palerose lion of Bulgaria Various 11.5
- 3l blk & buff lion of Bulgaria Various 11.5

1901, Apr 20
X 15s yelgrn cherrywood cannon 12.75

1909 1909 issue
- 10s och 13.25x13.5

1915, Nov 7 1911 reengraved issue
X 1s ind Ruins of castle Tsar Asen 11.5
X 1l dkbrn

1918 Occupation of Macedonia II issue
X 5s grn monastery, Okhrida 13x13.5

1918, Jul 1
X 1s dkgrn Tsar Ferdinand 12.5x13 imperf
X 2s dkbrn Tsar Ferdinand 12.5x13 imperf
X 3s ind Tsar Ferdinand 12.5x13 imperf
X 10s brnred Tsar Ferdinand 12.5x13 imperf

1919, Oct 3 1919 issue
X 1s blk Sobranye Palace Various
X 2s olgrn Sobranye Palace Various
X 3s orgbrn Tsar Boris III 10
X 30s brnvio Tsar Boris III 11.75x11.5

1921, Jun 11 1921b issue
X 10s redvio bridge over Vardar River 13.5x13
X 20s bl view of Ohrid 13.5x13

1924, Nov 10 1924 surcharges issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 10s on 20s yel 11.5
X 10s on 1s blk Sobranye Palace Various
X 20s on 5s emer Various
X 20s on 30s org Various
X 20s on 10s vio Various 11.5

1925 1925 issue
X 10s red & bl, pink lion 13 Various

1926 1926 issue
X 1l grn Tsar Boris

1927 1927 issue
X 30s ind & buff arms of Bulgaria, w. unwmk
X 50s blk & red arms of Bulgaria, w. wavy lines (Lithuania) Various

1931, Apr 1931a issue unwmk
X 2l car Tsar Boris III Various Various
X 12l brn Tsar Boris III 11.5 Various

1931, Apr 1931b issue v. outer bars (6 stamps)
X 4l org Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk
X 6l dkbl Tsar Boris III, w. wavy lines (Lithuania) Various
X 7l bl Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk Various
X 10l dkgray Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk Various
X 14l orgbrn Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk Various
X 20l redvio & orgbrn Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk Various

1934, Feb ovpted
X 2l on 3l olbrn Tsar Boris 12.75

1934, Aug 26 Shipka memorial unveiling issue wmk. wavy lines (Lithuania) (6 stamps)
- 1l grn soldier defending Shipka pass Various
X 2l ltred Shipka Memorial Various
- 3l olbrn Flag Bearer Painting by Jaroslaw Weschin Various
- 4l car Shipka Memorial & veteran Various
- 7l dkbl Flag Bearer Painting by Jaroslaw Weschin Various
- 14l dklil woman shows Children the Memorial Various

1934, Sep 21 Shipka reprint issue (6 stamps)
- 1l brtgrn soldier defending Shipka pass Various
X 2l dlorg Shipka Memorial Various
- 3l yel Flag Bearer Painting by Jaroslaw Weschin Various
- 4l rose Shipka Memorial & veteran Various
- 7l ltbl Flag Bearer Painting by Jaroslaw Weschin Various
- 14l olbis woman shows Children the Memorial Various

X 2l car Tsar Boris III

1935, May 5 uprising 100th issue
- 1l bl Djamjiyata Various
- 2l purbrn Mamarchev 11.5

1935, Jun 14 5th Balkan Soccer Tournament issue (6 stamps)
- 1l grn Stadium Junak Sofia 11.5
- 2l blgray Alexander-Newski-Cathedral Sofia 10
- 4l red soccer player 11.5
- 7l ltbl Trumpeter & map of southeast Europe 10
- 14l org Team Captain of the Winner & Cup 11.5
- 50l viobrn Victory Cup 10

1935, Aug 4 Battle of Varna issue (5 stamps)
- 1l orgbrn Jan Hunyadi 10
- 2l brnred King Władysław III 10
- 4l red Mausoleum & Memorial 11.5
- 7l bl King Władysław III at Varna 10
- 14l grn King Władysław III in the Fight against the Ottomans 11.5

1935, Oct 1 patriots death 67th issue unwmk (5 stamps)
- 1l grn Monument in Sliven 10
- 2l dkbrn Chadschi Dimitar 10
- 4l the Oath 10
- 7l bl Chadschi Dimitar & Stefan Karadzar 11.5
- 14l org Chadschi Dimitars Home 11.5

1940 1940a issue
X 2l crim Tsar Boris III 12.75

1940 1940b issue
X 10s org fruits, w. wavy lines (Lithuania) 13
X 1l grn Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk 13 imperf
X 2l rosecar Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk 13 11.5 13
X 6l redvio Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk 13

1940 1940c issue wmk. wavy lines (Lithuania)
X 50s vio Tsar Boris III
X 10l blgrn Tsar Boris III

1941, May 3 Botev death 65th issue unwmk
X 1l dkblgrn Botev 13
- 2l red Arrival at Kozloduy 13

1944, Feb 28 Tsar Boris III memorial issue Tsar Boris III in Uniform wmk. entwined curved lines (5 stamps)
X 1l Tsar Boris III in Uniform 13 imperf
X 2l Tsar Boris III in Uniform 13 imperf
X 4l Tsar Boris III in Uniform 13 imperf
X 5l blk & grayvio Tsar Boris III in Uniform 13 imperf
X 7l blk & ind Tsar Boris III in Uniform 13 imperf

1944, Jun 12 unwmk
X 3l redorg Tsar Simeon II 13 11.5

1945, Jan 25 for the front issue
- 4l 11.5

1945, Mar
X 4l redorg oak tree 11.5 imperf
X 10l bl oak tree 11.5 imperf

1945, Mar 15 ovpt a issue
X 2l 11.5 11.5x10.75

1945, Jul 4 Liberty Loan sheets issue (8 stamps)
- 50l blvio imperf
- 50l brnred imperf
- 100l blvio imperf
- 100l brnred imperf
- 150l blvio imperf
- 150l brnred
- 200l blvio imperf
- 200l brnred imperf

1947, Jul 1 1947 issue
X 4l dpbl

1948, Mar 31 1948 activities issue
X 4l red person reading 11.5
X 20l bl girl with accordion 11.5
X 40l grn Working People as Listeners 11.5
X 60l Sportswoman with Medicine Ball 11.5

1948, Dec 21 Botev 100th issue (5 stamps)
X 1l dkgrn Botev birthplace in Kalofer 10
X 9l vio Steamship Radetzky 10.75
X 15l brn Hometown Kalofer 10.75
X 40l redbrn The Mother of the Poet 10.75
X 50l olblk Pen Nib Pistol & Laurel 10.75

X 4l dkbl miner 1949

1949, Jan 24 Lenin death 25th issue
- 4l brn Lenin 10.75
X 20l brnred Lenin speaking 10.75

1949, Apr 6 Workers' Cultural Brigade issue (6 stamps)
X 4l dkred workers constructing a road Various
- 5l dkbrn Tunneling Line Pernik - Voluek Various
- 9l slgrn Express Train Locomotive Various
- 10l vio Girl at the Loom Various
- 20l dlbl Female Tractor Driver Various
- 40l brn Female Truck Driver Various

1949, Jul 10 Dimitrov memorial issue
- 4l redbrn George Dimitrov politician Various
X 20l dkbl George Dimitrov Various

1949, Aug 5 five-year plan issue (5 stamps)
X 4l olgrn Hydropower Plant Rila Mountain Various
X 9l dkred Cement Factory Giant Dimitrovgrad Various
X 15l pur Farm Machinery Factory Various
X 20l bl tractor Various
X 50l orgbrn Various

1949, Sep 5 sports (1949 Bulgaria)
- 4l brnorg javelin & grenade throwers Various
- 9l blkol hurdler Various
- 20l dkbl Motorcyclists Tractor Various
- 50l brncar March with the new Step Various

1949, Oct 31 frontier guards
- 4l redbrn Various
- 20l graybl Guard on a River Various

1950 ex Sunday stamps issue
X 5l dporg 11.5
- 10l dpbl 10.75

1950, Feb 23 production issue (8 stamps)
- 1l dkvio miner 13 11.5
- 2l brn locomotive 13 11.5 11.5x10.75
X 4l blgrn tractor 13 11.5 13
- 4l blgrn
X 9l gray (1951)
X 10l mar Stalin heating plant Various
X 15l dkcar textile worker Various
X 20l dkbl textile worker Various

1950, Jun 26 Ivan Vasov 100th issue
X 4l olgrn Ivan Vazov Various

1950, Jul 2 Dimitrov death 1st issue (9 stamps)
X 50s dkgrn birthplace Various
- 50s brn Georgi Dimitrov Various
- 1l dkredbrn Georgi Dimitrov Various
- 2l blblk Dimitrovs House in Sofia Various
- 4l Georgi Dimitrov Various
- 9l brnred Georgi Dimitrov Various
- 10l brncar Georgi Dimitrov Various
- 15l grayblk Dimitrov signs Constitution Various
X 20l dkbl Dimitrov Various

1950, Aug 21 sports (1950 Bulgaria)
- 4l dkgrn runners 11.5
- 9l purbrn cycling 11.5 10.75
- 20l blblk shot put 11.5 10.75
- 40l dkpur volleyball 11.5 10.75

1950, Sep 19 Peace Congress 1950 issue
X 4l orgbrn building road Various
X 20l ultra Stalin flag&men of three races Various

- 1l more industry
- 2l more industry
- 4l more industry

1951 congress 60th issue
- 1l
- 4l
- 9l

1951, Mar 30 industry (1951)
- 4l rosebrn truck 13 10.75

1951, Jul
X 1l vio
X 2l dkbrn
X 4l dkgrn

1951, Dec 29 3rd Congress of workers union issue
X 1l olblk Worker & Female Worker City Dimitrovgrad Various
X 4l choc G Dimitrov W Cervenkov & Flags Various

1952, Jun 18 Dimitrov 70th issue
X 16s brn Dimitrov & chemical plant Various
- 44s brncar Various
- 80s bl Various

1952, Jun 30
X 16s brnol Republika Power Station 13 11.5
X 44s mag Republika Power Station 13

1952, Jul 23 Vapzarov death 10th issue
X 16s Vaptsarov as a Factory Worker Text Various
X 44s purbrn Vaptsarov before Firing Squad Text Various

1952, Nov 6 Russian Revolution 35th issue (5 stamps)
X 4s viobrn Economic Structure Volga-Don Canal with Sluice Various
- 8s grn Storming of of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg Various
X 16s dpbl Globe with Label tape Peace & Dove Various
- 44s dkbrn Lenin & Stalin the Leaders of the Revolution Various
- 80s dkol Electric Power Llant Zimljansk Lenin & Stalin Various

1953 1953 issue - Rila wood carvings (5 stamps)
X 12s brn
X 16s roselake
X 28s dkolgrn
X 44s dkbrn
X 1l

1953, Nov medicinal plants (1953) (11 stamps)
X 2s dlbl belladonna Various
X 4s brnorg jimson Various
X 8s blgrn Salvia officinalis Various
X 12s Rosa canina Various
X 16s viobl Gentiana lutea Various
X 20s car Papaver somniferum Various
X 28s dkgrn Mentha x piperita Various
X 40s dkultra Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Various
X 44s olbrn Tussilago farfara Various
X 80s och Primula veris Various
- 2l pur Digitalis lanata Various
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1 to 200 of 953