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Stamps of Romania, 1960

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1960, Jan 20 Romanian writers wmk. RPR mult endless p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 20b George Cosbuc
X 40b pur Ion Luca Caragiale
X 50b dkbrn Grigore Alexandrescu
X 55b dkcarbrn Alexandru Donici
X 1l blvio Costache Negruzzi
X 1.55l dkviobl Dimitrie Bolintineanu

1960, Feb 1 animals (1960 Romania) unwmk (no perf info)
X 20b bl Danubian char
X 55b dkcarbrn Spur-thighed Tortoise Testudo graeca
X 1.20l dkvio white duck

1960, Mar 1 Womens Day 50th issue
X 55b viobl Womans face peace dove globe

1960, Apr 22 Lenin 90th issue wmk. RPR mult endless p. 13.5
X 40b pur Vladimir Lenin
X 55b dkviobl Lenin Monument in Bucharest
- 1.55l brnred Vladimir Lenin

1960, May 9 victory 15th issue p. 14
X 40b viobl Heroes Monuments in Bucharest
X 55b viobl Heroes Monuments in Bucharest

1960, May 15 famous men (1960 Romania) (9 stamps)
X 10b grayvio Tolstoy, p. 14
X 20b brnol Mark Twain, p. 14
X 35b dkbl Katsushika Hokusai, p. 14
X 40b Alfred de Musset, p. 14
X 55b graylil Daniel Defoe, p. 14
X 1l dkgrnbl János Bolyai, p. 14
X 1.20l dkredvio Anton Chekhov
X 1.55l dkgrnbl Robert Koch, p. 14
X 1.75l olbrn Frédéric Chopin, p. 14

1960, Jun 5 Olympics 1960 issue (6 stamps)
- 40b multi swimming
- 55b multi Gymnastics
X 1.20l cl High-jump
- 1.60l multi boxing
- 2.45l multi kayak, w. unwmk, p. 14.5x14
- 3.70L multi kayak, w. unwmk, imperf

1960, Jun 5 Olympics 1960 b issue (no perf info) (8 stamps)
- 20b dkbl swimming, w. RPR mult endless
X 40b carbrn gymnastics, w. RPR mult endless
X 55b dpbl high jump, w. RPR mult endless
X 1l crimlake boxing, w. RPR mult endless
X 1.60l roselil kayak, w. RPR mult endless
X 2l blvio Football, w. RPR mult endless
- 5L
- 6l

1960, Jun 11 1960 issue wmk. RPR mult endless (12 stamps)
X 3b mag students .20
X 5b olbrn locomotive
X 10b vioblk River dam
X 20b dkviobl miner
X 30b orgred Sick aid
X 35b carred Female weaver
X 40b yelbrn piano & books
X 50b blvio Playing children
X 55b prusbl Motor tractor
X 60b grn combine
X 75b dkgraygrn Cattle shed
X 1l car Nuclear reactor
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