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Stamps of Romania, 1959

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1959 sports (1959 Romania) unwmk (8 stamps)
X 20b multi soccer, p. 13.5
X 35b multi Motor racing, p. 13.5
X 40b multi Ice-hockey, p. 13.5
X 55b multi handball, p. 13.5
X 1l multi steeplechase, p. 13.5
X 1.50l multi boxing, p. 13.5
X 1.55l multi rugby
X 1.60l multi tennis, p. 13.5

1959, Jan 27 Romanian Union 100th issue p. 14.5x14
X 1.75l dkbl Alexandru Ioan Cuza I

1959, Apr 25 cultural anniversaries (1959) (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 55b brn Handel
X 55b ind R. Burns
X 55b sl Charles Darwin
X 55b car Popov
X 55b pur Aleichem

1959, Jun 1 collective farming 10th issue (10 stamps)
X 55b brtgrn Maize Zeya mais, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b ver sunflower Helianthus annuus with bee, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b lil sugar beet Beta vulgaris var altissima sugar factory, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b carbrn cow with Calf cattle, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b dkyelbrn rooster poultry farm, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b dkol ram & flock of sheep, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b
X 55b bl ears of wheat & tractor, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
X 55b brn farm wagon, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14.5x14
- 5L pur farm couple, p. 14.5x14
- Romania empty sheet (#916)

1959, Jul 15 7th World Youth Festival issue unwmk p. 14x14.5
X 1l bl young couple
X 1.60l redlil Folk dancing woman in costume inscription

1959, Aug 23 liberation 15th issue p. 14
- 55b multi Steel worker farmers wife with flags buildings
- Romania empty sheet (#917)

1959, Sep 12 ovpted wmk. RPR mult endless p. 14x14.5
- 1l brn ovpt, runner

1959, Sep 20 Bucharest 500th issue (6 stamps)
- 20b Vlad Tepes, w. unwmk
- 40b Nicolae Balcescu Street, p. 13.75x14
X 55b grayblk & yelbrn Athenaum, w. unwmk
- 55b grayblk & redpur Casa Scinteii Print, w. unwmk
X 1.55l blvio & grayblk Opera & Ballett Theatre, w. unwmk
X 1.75l dkblgrn & grayblk stadium, w. unwmk
- Romania empty sheet (#918)

1959, Oct 25 p. 14.5x14
X 1.75l blvio icebreaker Lenin

1959, Nov 15 Stamp Day 1959 issue wmk. RPR mult endless (no perf info)
X 1.60l+40b viobl stamp album magnifier torch with inscription

1959, Dec 15 medicinal plants (1959) (10 stamps)
X 20b multi foxglove, w. unwmk
- 40b multi Mentha x piperita, w. unwmk
X 55b multi Matricaria chamomilla, w. unwmk
X 55b multi Centaurea cianus, w. unwmk
X 1l multi Colchicum autumnale, w. unwmk
- 1.20l multi Aconitum napellus, w. unwmk
- 1.55l multi Papaver rhoeas, w. RPR mult endless, p. 14
- 1.60l multi Tilia tomentosa
X 1.75l multi Rosa canina
- 3.20l multi Adonis vernalis, w. unwmk


1959, Feb 3 Lunik 1 issue
- 3.25l blvio & ltorg

1959, Apr 27 10th Anniversary of the National Philately Services issue
- 10l multi

1959, Apr 28 cultural anniversaries (1959)
- 3.25l viobl

1959, Jun 25 Birds 1959 issue - birds (1959)
- 10b multi Monticola saxatilis
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