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Stamps of Romania, 1965

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1965, Jan 5 satellites (1965) unwmk (6 stamps)
- 30b multi Syncom 3, p. 13x14.5
X 40b multi Syncom 3 & TV antennas, p. 13x14.5
- 55b multi Ranger 7 approaching Moon
- 1l multi Ranger 7 & Moon
- 1.20l multi Voskhod
- 5l multi cosmonauts

1965, Jan 25 UN 20th issue p. 12x12.5
X 55b multi UN HQ
X 1.60l multi emblems

1965, Feb 25 reptiles (1965) p. 13.5 (10 stamps)
X 5b multi Greek tortoise Testudo graeca
X 10b multi Balkan wall lizard - Podarcis taurica
X 20b multi Balkan green lizard
X 40b multi European Copper Skink
X 55b multi Slow worm - Anguis fragilis
X 60b multi Horned Sand Viper Vipera ammodytes
X 1l multi Steppe Runner Eremias arguta deserti
X 1.20l multi Meadow Viper Vipera ursinii
X 1.35l multi Coluber jugularis
X 3.25l multi four-lined snake Elaphe quatuorlineata

1965, Mar 20 cats (1965) (8 stamps)
X 5b multi ginger shorthair
- 10b multi European cat
- 40b multi Persian cat
- 55b multi European cat
X 60b multi black & white cat with yarn
- 75b multi cat with two kittens
X 1.35l multi Siamese cat
- 3.25l multi three cats

1965, Apr 25 ovptedsatellites (1965) (no perf info)
- 5l on 1l multi Ranger 7 & Moon

1965, May 10 portraits (1965 Romania) p. 13.5 (6 stamps)
X 40b multi Ion Bianu
X 55b multi Anton Bacalbasa
X 60b multi Vasile Conta
X 1l multi Jean Sibelius
X 1.35l multi Horace
X 1.75l multi Dante Alighieri

1965, May 15 ITU 100th issue
- 1.75l multi ITU emblem

1965, May 20 Iron Gate dam issue (5 stamps)
X 30b multi a.view, w. unwmk, p. 12.5x12.25
X 55b multi Iron Gate dam, w. unwmk, p. 12.5x12.25
- 80b multi
- 1.20l multi
- 2l multi sheet 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1965, May 30 shooting championships issue unwmk (6 stamps)
X 20b multi small-bore rifle, kneeling, p. 12.25x12.5
X 40b multi Rifleman lying
X 55b multi Pistol Shooter
X 1l multi Pistol Shooter
X 1.60l multi Rifleman standing
X 2l multi Riflemen pistol shooters

1965, Jun 25 Fairy Tales (1965 Romania) p. 13.5 (6 stamps)
X 20b multi Făt-Frumos & the Giant
X 40b multi Prince Charming & Ileana Cosânzeana
X 55b multi Harap Alb & the bear 1877
X 1l multi The moralist wolf
X 1.35l multi The bull & the calf
X 2l multi Pacala

1965, Jul 28 Apimondia 1965 issue
X 55b multi bee on blossoms, p. 12.25x12.5
X 1.60l multi exhibition hall

1965, Aug 25 space achievements p. 12.25x12.5
- 1.75l multi Voskhod 2
X 2.40l multi US communications satellite Early Bird
- 3.20l multi US space capsule Gemini 3 astronauts inside spaceship

1965, Sep 6 p. 13.5
X 55b multi Marx & Lenin & crowd

1965, Sep 10 birds in diamond (10 stamps)
X 5b multi Common Quail, p. 13
X 10b multi Eurasian Woodcock Scolopax rusticola
- 20b multi Becatina, p. 13
- 40b multi European turtle dove Streptopelia turtur, p. 13
- 55b multi Anas platyrhynchos, p. 13
- 60b multi Greater White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons, p. 13
- 1l multi Common Crane Grus grus, p. 13
X 1.20l multi glossy ibis Plegadis falcinellus, p. 13
X 1.35l multi mute swan Cygnus olor, p. 13
- 3.25l multi Great white pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus, p. 13

1965, Oct 9 Vasile Alecsandri death 75th issue p. 13.5
X 55b multi Vasile Alecsandri

1965, Oct 25 Cluj flowers (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 5b multi Bird-of-paradise flower Strelitzia reginae
X 10b multi Stanhopea hernandezii
X 20b multi Paphiopedilum hybrid
X 30b multi Nymphaea capensis
X 40b multi Ferocactus glaucescens
X 55b multi Gossypium arboreum
X 1l multi Chinese hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
X 1.35l multi Sinningia Sinningia hybrid
X 1.75l multi Victoria amazonica
X 2.30l multi Blossoms in front of greenhouse

1965, Nov 10 Spartacist Games 1965 issue p. 13 (5 stamps)
X 55b multi runners
- 1.55l multi football
X 1.75l multi gymnastics
- 2l multi hikers
- 5l multi canoeing

1965, Nov 15 Stamp Day 1965 issue
X 55b+45b multi pigeon & posthorn
X 1l multi Carrier-pigeon on TV-antenna post horn letter, w. unwmk, p. 13
X 1.75l multi carrier pigeon Post horn letter, w. unwmk, p. 13

1965, Dec 10 game animals (1965) (5 stamps)
X 55b multi chamois
X 1l multi brown bear in forest
X 1.60l multi red deer Cervus elaphus
X 1.75l multi wild boar Sus scrofa
X 3.20l multi red deer antler

1965, Dec 25 more space (1965) (5 stamps)
X 5b multi Proton 1, p. 12.25x12.5
X 10b multi Probe 3
- 15b multi Molnija 1, p. 12.25x12.5
X 3.25l multi Mariner 4, p. 12.25x12.5
- 5l multi Gemini 5

1965, Dec 28 Hunting dogs (1965) p. 14 (8 stamps)
- 5b multi dachshund
- 10b multi Cocker Spaniel
- 40b multi Deutsche Bracke
X 55b multi fox terrier
X 60b Irish setter
X 75b English Setter
- 1.55l Setter Pointer
- 3.25l Duck hunt

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