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Stamps of Romania, 1964

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1964, Jan 15 Space Travel 1964 b issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 2l multi

1964, Jan 20 opera singers (1964) p. 13.5 (9 stamps)
X 10b dkol & viobrn Stephanescu
X 20b dpbl & viobrn Teodorini
X 35b dkblgrn & viobrn Ion Bajenaru
X 40b turqbl & viobrn Popovici
X 55b Hariclea Darclée & in role as Tosca
X 75b blvio & viobrn Folescu
X 1l ltbl & viobrn Jean Athanasiu & as Rigoletto
X 1.35l Traian Grosavescu & as Duke in Rigoletto
X 1.55l Leonard

1964, Feb 5 8th World Congress of Soil Science issue
X 1.60l multi Murgoci&Soil Congress emblem

1964, Feb 20 insects (1964 Romania) p. 14.5x13.5 (8 stamps)
- 5b multi Ascalaphus macaronius
X 10b multi Red-banded Sand Wasp - Ammophila sabulosa
- 35b multi Scolia maculata
- 40b multi Rhyparioides metelkana moth
- 55b multi Lymantria dispar
- 1.20l multi Kanetisa circe
X 1.55l multi malachite groundbeetle
- 1.75l multi Procerus gigas

1964, Mar 25 garden flowers (1964) p. 13x14.5 (8 stamps)
X 10b multi tobacco
- 20b multi Pelargonium odoratissimum
- 40b multi Fuchsia gracilis
X 55b multi chrysanthemum
X 75b multi Dahlia hybrida
X 1l multi Lilium croceum
X 1.25l multi Hosta ovata in a pot
X 1.55l multi marigold in a pot

1964, Apr 25 horse show events p. 13.5
- 40b multi Rider at the start
X 55b multi Jump-off
X 1.35l multi Jump-off
- 1.55l multi Galloping

1964, May 10 fishes (1964 Romania) p. 14 (8 stamps)
X 5b graygrn & multi Black Scorpionfish
X 10b multi Peacock Blenny Salaria Blennius pavo
X 20b multi Trachurus mediterraneus
X 40b multi Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedti
X 50b multi Short-snouted Seahorse Hippocampus hippocampus
X 55b multi Trigla lucerna
X 1l multi Beluga - Huso huso
X 3.20l ultra & multi Trygon pastinaca

1964, Jun 20 portraits (1964 Romania) p. 13.5 (6 stamps)
X 5b grn & dkbrn Mihail Eminescu
X 20b dkpnk & purbrn Ion Creanga
X 35b orgred & viobrn Emil Girleanu
X 55b Michelangelo
X 1.20l dpbl & viobrn Galileo Galilei
X 1.75l blvio & viobrn William Shakespeare

1964, Jun 29 mountain views (5 stamps)
X 40b redbrn Cheile Bicazului
X 55b dkbl Bâlea Lake
X 1l brnvio ski lift, Poiana Brasov
X 1.35l brn Lake Bicaz
X 1.75l blgrn Hotel Alpin
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