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Prince Charles III

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Issue but not design:
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Name: Prince Charles III
Type: person
Titles: prince
Dates: 1818 –

Prince Charles III birth 1818
Bicentenary of birth of Prince Charles III Monaco 2018

Appearing in designs:
Monte Carlo founded by Prince Charles III Monaco 3/16/2016 1.36e
Prince Charles III (1885) (10 stamps of Monaco, 1885)
Prince Charles III (1948) Monaco 3/6/1948 6F+4F issue=Stamp Day 1948
Prince Charles III (1985) Monaco 12/5/1985 5.00fr issue=100th Anniversary of the First Monaco Stamps

Charles III
Charles III (1942) Monaco 12/10/1942 5+5F issue=1942 semi dt=Portraits of rulers of Monaco
Charles III (1997) Monaco 7/3/1997 7.00fr issue=700th Anniversary of Grimaldi Dynasty d dt=The Princes
Charles III, Prince of Monaco

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