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Scott catalog - Vatican City

Name: Scott
Abbrev: Sc

Number Type Isort Sort Source
1 postage 8/1/1929 5c dkbrn&pnk issue=1929 d=papal arms (1929) unwmk perf=14 1
2 8/1/1929 10c dkgrn<grn 1
Semipostal stamps
B1 semipostal 4/1/1933 25c+10c grn issue=..1933 d=cross & orb in oval perf=13x13.5 1
B2 4/1/1933 75c+15c scar 1
Airmail stamps
C1 airmail 6/22/1938 25c brown issue=1938..e of St. Peter wmk=crossed keys perf=14 1
C2 6/22/1938 50c green d=Dove of Peace 1
Special delivery stamps
E1 special delivery 8/1/1929 2l carrose d=Pope Pius XI (1929 espresso) unwmk 2
E2 8/1/1929 2.50l dkbl 2
Postage due stamps
J1 postage due 1931 5c issue=1931 due ovp..ATASSE oc=blk on=issue=1929-1/1/1929-5c 1
J2 1931 10c dkgrn<grn d=papal arms (192..SE oc=blk on=8/1/1929-10c unwmk perf=14 1
Parcel post stamps
Q1 parcel post 1931 5c dkbrn&pnk issue=19..a ovpt=PER PACCHI oc=blk on=8/1/1929-5c 2
Q2 1931 10c dkgrn<grn ovpt=PER PACCHI oc=blk on=8/1/1929-10c 2

Prefixes: B, C, E, J, Q