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40f denom (#120)

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Desc: 40f

Currency: Bahraini dinar (1000f=1d)

Numerical sorting value: 2400

Users of this denom: Abu Dhabi (3 stamps, 1966-1967), Bahrain (14 stamps, 1966-1989)

Used by 17 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Bahrain 1/1/1966 40f issue=1966 d=airport & Sheikh Isa
Bahrain 3/28/1966 40f issue=trade fair perf=13
Abu Dhabi 10/1/1966 40f brtvio issue=1966 provisional d=gazelle (1964) ovpt=bars//value oc=blk on=1964-40np perf=14.5
Abu Dhabi 4/1/1967 40f blgrn issue=1967 d=Sheik Zayed (1967) perf=13x13.5
Abu Dhabi 8/6/1967 40f prusgrn issue=1967 new portrait d=Sheik Zayed redrawn perf=14.5x14
Bahrain 6/1968 40f issue=WHO 20th perf=13.75x14
Bahrain 4/1969 40f issue=Bahrain education 50th perf=13
Bahrain 7/14/1969 40f issue=satellite earth station opening
Bahrain 1/4/1976 40f issue=1976 d=Ears branch gear map of Bahrain portrait of the Emir
Bahrain 2/5/1976 40f issue=Army Day 1976 d=soldier in front of flag of Bahrain perf=14.75
Bahrain 3/23/1976 40f issue=Visit of King Khalid of Saudi Arabia d=King emir flags of Saudi Arabia & Bahrain perf=14.75
Bahrain 12/16/1976 40f issue=National Day 1976 d=Emblem of the Ministry for Housing building types Emir perf=14.75
Bahrain 4/12/1977 40f issue=25 years Arab Postal Union d=Emblem flags of the member states perf=14.75
Bahrain 9/8/1977 40f issue=International Literacy Day d=students & candle perf=14.75
Bahrain 12/16/1977 40f issue=Commissioning of the Arab shipbuilding and repair shipyard d=Shipyard & Flags perf=14.75
Bahrain 5/17/1978 40f issue=10th World Telecommunication Day d=parabolic antenna & ITU emblem perf=14.75
Bahrain 12/16/1989 40f issue=1989 d=Emir Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa perf=13.75