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50c denom (#12724)

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Desc: 50c

Currency: Belgian franc (100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 3000

Equivalent denoms: 0,50(fr) (1), 0.50fr (5)

Users of this denom: Belgium (56 stamps, 1866-1982), German occupation of Belgium (2 stamps, 1914-1916), Belgian occupation of Germany (5 stamps, 1919-1920)

Used by 63 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Belgium telegraph 1/7/1866 50c gray issue=1866 telegraph d=Leopold I (1866) perf=13.5
Belgium telegraph 1871 50c brn issue=1871 telegraph d=Leopold II perf=14
Belgium 7/1/1875 50c gray issue=1869 d=King Leopold II (1875 50c) perf=15
Belgium parcel post 1879 50c car issue=1879 parcel d=arms of Belgium (1879) perf=14
Belgium parcel post 1882 50c car issue=1882 parcel
Belgium 10/20/1883 50c vio issue=1883 dt=Leopold II (1883) d=round frame&tablets perf=14
Belgium 1886 50c bis issue=1884 perf=14
Belgium 6/1/1893 50c bis issue=1893 d=King Leopold II (1893) var=ornaments at bottom perf=14
Belgium parcel post 1895 50c car&blk issue=1895 parcel perf=15.5x14.5
Belgium postage due 1895 50c ltbrn issue=1895 due perf=14
Belgium 9/15/1897 50c gray issue=1893 d=King Leopold II (1893) var=ornaments at bottom perf=14
Belgium postage due 1900 50c gray issue=1900 due perf=14
Belgium parcel post 1902 50c issue=1902 parcel d=winged wheel 1902 perf=15.5x14.5
Belgium 4/15/1905 50c blgray issue=1905 d=King Leopold II (1905 50c) perf=14
Belgium 4/15/1912 50c gray issue=1912 d=King Albert I (1912 Pellens) perf=14
German occupation of Belgium 1914 50c lake&blk issue=1914 d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=Belgien//value oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-1905-40pf wmk=lozenges
Belgium parcel post 6/22/1915 50c issue=1915a railway perf=14
Belgium 10/1915 50c carrose&blk issue=1915 d=Louvain library
Belgium parcel post 12/20/1915 50c issue=1915b railway d=winged wheel 1915
German occupation of Belgium 1916 50c lake&blk issue=1916 d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) on=issuer=Germany-1905-40pf wmk=lozenges
Belgium postage due 1919 50c car&blk issue=1919 due T perf=14
Belgian occupation of Germany 1919 50c carrose&blk issue=1919 d=Louvain library on=issuer=Belgium-issue=1915-50c
Belgium 1919 50c redbrn d=King Albert I in trench helmet perf=11.5
Belgium postage due 4/25/1919 50c gray issue=1919 due perf=14
Belgium postage due 9/10/1919 50c gray issue=1919 due perf=14
Belgian occupation of Germany postage due 3/5/1920 50c gray issue=1920 due Eupen d=(30)
Belgian occupation of Germany 3/8/1920 50c red&blk issue=1920 Malmedy d=(123)
Belgian occupation of Germany postage due 3/12/1920 50c gray issue=1920 due Malmedy d=(30)
Belgian occupation of Germany 3/20/1920 50c red&blk issue=1920 Eupen d=(123)
Belgium postage due 1921 50c grayblk issue=1921 due
Belgium postage due 1921 50c bl issue=1921 due
Belgium 5/26/1921 50c dkbl d=King Albert I (1921 Montenez)
Belgium 9/1/1921 50c dlbl issue=1921 d=King Albert I (1921 Montenez) perf=11.5
Belgium 1925 50c bis issue=1922 d=King Albert I (1922 Houyoux)
Belgium 1925 50c yelbrn issue=75th Anniversary of the First Belgian Stamp d=King Leopold I & King Albert I
Belgium official 1929 50c bl issue=1929 official b d=(262) perf=14
Belgium 1/25/1929 50c dpbl issue=1929a d=lion (1929)
Belgium airmail 4/30/1930 50c bl perf=11.5
Belgium 2/5/1935 50c bl issue=1935 d=arms of Belgium (1935) perf=13.5x14
Belgium official 1936 50c bl issue=1936 official d=(419)
Belgium 1938 50c olgray d=King Leopold III (1936 right) var=diff frame ovpt=bars bars//50c. oc=car on=issue=1936a-75c perf=13.75x14
Belgium official 8/1/1941 50c bl issue=1941 official d=(419) perf=13.5x14
Belgium official 2/1/1942 50c ol issue=1942 official d=++on=75c-(25) perf=13.75x14
Belgium official 2/1/1942 50c brn issue=1942 official d=++on=70c-(24) perf=13.5x14
Belgium postage due 1944 50c yelgrn issue=1944 due perf=13
Belgium 11/10/1944 50c ltblgrn issue=liberation b d=lion rampant on V var=Belgie-Belgique
Belgium 11/10/1944 50c ltblgrn issue=liberation a d=lion rampant on V var=Belgique-Belgie
Belgium official 1946 50c bl issue=1946 official
Belgium 1951 50c issue=1951b d=numeral on lion rampant
Belgium 1951 50c ultra issue=1951 d=numeral on lion rampant
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