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50c denom (#12785)

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Desc: 50c

Currency: Honduran peso (100c=8r=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 3000

Users of this denom: Honduras (38 stamps, 1890-1931)

Used by 38 stamps of Honduras: (See all uses as list)

official 1890 50c yel issue=1890 official
1/6/1890 50c brn d=arms of Honduras (1890) perf=12
official 1891 50c orgyel issue=1891 official
7/31/1891 50c blkbrn d=President Luis Bográn (1891 a) perf=12
7/31/1892 50c brn d=Columbus sighting Honduran coast perf=12
8/1893 50c olbrn d=General Trinidad Cabanas perf=12
2/15/1895 50c olbrn d=Justice (1895 Honduras) perf=12
1/1/1896 50c rose d=President Celio Arias perf=11.5
official 1898 50c orgred issue=1898 official
8/1/1898 50c orgred issue=1898 d=train perf=11.5
1/1/1903 50c ver d=General Santos Guardiola perf=12
1/1/1907 50c lake d=President Jose Medina (1907) perf=14
official 1911 50c brn issue=1911 official d=Red Overprint
official 1911 50c brn issue=1911 official d=Black Overprint
1/1911 50c brn d=Honduran scene perf=14
1913 50c rose issue=1913b d=Bonilla (1913)
official 1915 50c red issue=1915 official b
official 1915 50c rose issue=1915 official
1915 50c red issue=1915 d=Bonilla theater
1919 50c ltbrn d=statue of Morazan
official 1921 50c ltbrn issue=1921 official
1923 50c car issue=1923c d=statue of Morazan oc=blk on=1919-2c-car
1923 50c car issue=1923a d=statue of Morazan oc=blk on=1919-2c
official 1924 50c issue=1924 official
6/1924 50c ver d=Herrera bust
airmail 1925 50c red issue=1925 air d=Bonilla theater ovpt=AERO//CORREO oc=blk on=issue=1915-50c
1927 50c ltbl issue=1927b d=Juan Lindo wmk=mult ovals
1929 50c org&grn&bl issue=1929 official
airmail 6/5/1929 50c car d=plane & Lisandro Garay
10/1929 50c ltbl issue=1929 d=Juan Lindo ovpt=1929 a 1930 oc=blk on=issue=1927b-50c wmk=mult ovals
airmail 1930 50c d=Surcharged wmk=mult ovals
airmail 5/23/1930 50c issue=1930 air c wmk=mult ovals
airmail 5/23/1930 50c issue=1930 air c wmk=mult ovals
7/19/1930 50c car issue=1930 d=statue of Morazan ovpt=Habilitado//julio.-1930 oc=blk on=1923-50c
official 1931 50c dkvio issue=1931 official d=view of Tegucigalpa
airmail official 1931 50c dkvio issue=1931 air official
1/2/1931 50c olgrn issue=1931c d=Columbus ships in sight of land ovpt=T.S.deC.(arched) oc=blk on=issue=1931a-50c
1/2/1931 50c olgrn issue=1931a d=Columbus ships in sight of land