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1c denom (#13906)

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Desc: 1c

Currency: Panamanian balboa (100c=1b)

Numerical sorting value: 60

Equivalent denoms: 0.01b (34)

Users of this denom: Panama (97 stamps, 1906-1983), Canal Zone (7 stamps, 1904-1924)

Used by 104 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Canal Zone 7/18/1904 1c blgrn ovpt=CANAL ZONE//PANAMA oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1c-blgrn
Canal Zone 12/12/1904 1c issue=1904c ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1c
Panama 1906 1c vio d=map of Panama (1892) oc=blk on=1895-20c perf=12
Panama 11/1906 1c dkgrn&blk issue=1906 d=Balboa (1906) perf=12
Panama 1909 1c dkgrn&blk issue=1909 d=Vasco Núñez de Balboa perf=12
Canal Zone 1909 1c dkgrn&blk issue=1909b d=Vasco Núñez de Balboa ovpt=CANAL//ZONE(up) oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1909-1c perf=12
Canal Zone 1915 1c dkgrn&blk issue=1915 d=map of canal ovpt=CANAL//ZONE(up) oc=bl on=issuer=Panama-1915-1c perf=12
Panama 3/1/1915 1c dkgrn&blk issue=Panama Exposition d=map of canal perf=12
Panama 11/1921 1c grn issue=independence 100th d=Vallarino perf=12
Canal Zone 11/13/1921 1c grn&blk issue=100th ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1c-grn&blk
Canal Zone 1/28/1924 1c grn d=Vallarino ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1c-Vallarino perf=12
Canal Zone 2/1924 1c d=arms ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1c-arms
Panama 5/1924 1c dkgrn d=arms of Panama (1924) perf=12
Panama 6/10/1926 1c dkgrn issue=Bolivar Congress 100th d=Bolivar (1926) perf=12
Panama postage due 1930 1c grn issue=1930 due d=numeral (1930)
Panama 12/17/1930 1c gray issue=Bolivar death 100th d=Bolivar (1926) oc=blk on=1926-4c-gray perf=12
Panama 1932 1c dkgrn d=Bolivar (1926) ovpt=HABILITADA oc=red on=1926-1c perf=12
Panama 7/24/1934 1c dkgrn issue=National Institute 25th d=Jose de Obaldia (1934) perf=12
Panama 1936 1c bl d=Bolivars Tribute oc=blk on=1921-5c perf=12
Panama 12/1936 1c blgrn issue=4th Spanish-American Postal Congress d=Panama tree perf=12
Panama 1937 1c grn issue=1937a d=Vallarino ovpt=1937-38 oc=blk on=1921-1c-grn perf=12
Panama 1937 1c dkgrn issue=1937a d=Bolivar (1926) ovpt=1937-38 oc=blk on=1926-1c-dkgrn perf=12
Panama 3/1/1937 1c blgrn issue=1937b d=Panama tree ovpt=U//P//U oc=blk on=1936-1c-blgrn-Panama tree perf=12
Panama 11/25/1937 1c grn issue=Cuerpo de Bomberos 50th d=Juan A. Guizado wmk=Harrison & Sons, London perf=12
Panama airmail 2/12/1938 1c red issue=4th Central American and Caribbean Games wmk=Harrison & Sons, London
Panama 12/7/1938 1c issue=US Constitution 150th d=Old Panama Cathedral Tower & Statue of Liberty perf=12
Panama airmail 1939 1c dlrose issue=Panama Canal 25th air perf=12
Panama postal tax 6/1/1939 1c car issue=Struggle Against Cancer
Panama postal tax 6/1/1939 1c grn issue=Struggle Against Cancer
Panama postal tax 6/1/1939 1c org issue=Struggle Against Cancer
Panama postal tax 6/1/1939 1c bl issue=Struggle Against Cancer
Panama 8/15/1939 1c dkgrn issue=Panama Canal 25th d="Santa Elena" (Liner) in Pedro Miguel Locks perf=12
Panama postal tax 1940 1c grn
Panama postal tax 1941 1c org issue=1941 tax
Panama postal tax 1941 1c grn issue=1941 tax
Panama postal tax 1941 1c carrose issue=1941 tax
Panama postal tax 1941 1c bl issue=1941 tax
Panama 1/2/1941 1c dkgrn issue=new constitution d=arms of Panama (1924) ovpt=CONSTITUCION//1941 oc=blk on=1924-1c perf=12
Panama 1942 1c dkgrn issue=1942 d=farm girl perf=12
Panama postal tax 1942 1c vio
Panama postal tax 1943 1c bl issue=1943 tax
Panama postal tax 1943 1c carrose issue=1943 tax
Panama postal tax 1943 1c grn issue=1943 tax
Panama postal tax 1943 1c org issue=1943 tax
Panama postal tax 1945 1c bl issue=1945 tax
Panama postal tax 1945 1c org issue=1945 tax
Panama postal tax 1945 1c carrose issue=1945 tax
Panama postal tax 1945 1c grn issue=1945 tax
Panama postal tax 1946 1c grn issue=1946 tax d=++on=1c
Panama postal tax 1946 1c org issue=1946 tax
(plus 54 more) (See all uses as list)