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20+5c denom (#25185)

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Desc: 20+5c

Currency: Italian lira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 1200
Second numerical value: 300

Equivalent denoms: 20c+0.05l (1), 20c+5c (4)

Users of this denom: Cyrenaica (1 stamp, 1928), Italy (1 stamp, 1916), Libya (2 stamps, 1915)

Used by 4 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Libya 1915 20+5c org issue=1915 semi wmk=crown (Italy)
Libya 1915 20+5c slbl issue=1915 semi wmk=crown (Italy)
Italy 3/25/1916 20+5c org issue=Red Cross 1915
Cyrenaica 10/15/1928 20+5c grn issue=46th Anniversary of Societa Africana d'Italia wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14

All are semipostal