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3k denom (#8942)

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Desc: 3k

Currency: Iranian toman (200ch=200c=200s=10kr=10k=2fr=1t)

Numerical sorting value: 3600

Equivalent denoms: 3kr (5)

Users of this denom: Bushire (2 stamps, 1915), Iran (18 stamps, 1898-1929)

Used by 20 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Iran 1898 3k yel issue=1898 d=Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din (1898) perf=12.5
Iran 2/1899 3k yel issue=1899a d=Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din (1898) ovpt=df oc=blk on=1898-3k-yel perf=12.5
Iran 9/1899 3k lilbrn issue=1899b d=Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din (1898) perf=12.5
Iran 1902 3k lilbrn issue=1902a d=Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din (1898) ovpt=PROVISOIRE oc=blk on=1899-3k-lilbrn perf=12.5
Iran 1907 3k palebl issue=1907 d=Shah Mohammed Ali
Iran 3/1909 3k sil&gray&bisbrn issue=1909 d=arms of Persia (1909) perf=12.5x12
Iran 4/1911 3k vio&blk issue=1911 d=Shah Ahmed (1911)
Iran 2/7/1912 3k vio&blk issue=1912 d=Shah Ahmed (1911) ovpt=Officiel oc=blk on=3k-vio&blk
Iran parcel post 1915 3k brn&sil&vio issue=1915 parcel d=Artaxerxes I of Persia wmk=lion perf=11x11.5
Iran official 1915 3k brn&sil&vio issue=1915 official d=King Darius on=issue=Ahmed coronation-3k wmk=lion perf=11x11.5
Iran 4/1915 3k brn&sil&vio issue=Ahmed coronation d=King Darius wmk=lion perf=11x11.5
Bushire 8/15/1915 3k vio&blk d=Shah Ahmed (1911) ovpt=BUSHIRE//Under British//Occupation. oc=blk on=issuer=Iran-3k-Shah Ahmed
Bushire 9/1915 3k brn&sil&vio d=King Darius ovpt=BUSHIRE//Under British//Occupation. oc=blk on=issuer=Iran-3k-King Darius wmk=lion perf=11x11.5
Iran 1918 3k sil&gray&bisbrn issue=1918a d=arms of Persia (1909) ovpt=1337 oc=blk on=1909-3k perf=12.5x12
Iran 1918 3k brn&sil&vio issue=1918c d=King Darius ovpt=Novembre//(arabic)-1918 oc=blk on=1915-3k wmk=lion perf=11x11.5
Iran 1919 3k lil issue=1919b d=lion (1889) ovpt=(arabic)//1919//(value) oc=blk on=1889-5c
Iran 1922 3k vio&blk d=Shah Ahmed (1911) ovpt=CONTROLE//1922 oc=blk on=1911-3k
Iran 1924 3k dkvio&redbrn issue=1924a d=Shah Ahmed (1924) perf=11.5
Iran 1926 3k sil&gray&bisbrn issue=1926b d=arms of Persia (1909) ovpt=(arabic)//Regne de//Pahlavi//1926 oc=blk on=1909-3k perf=12.5x12
Iran 1929 3k dkgrn&dprose issue=1929 d=Reza Shah Pahlavi (1929) perf=VARIOUS