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United Nations emblem

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Short desc: United Nations emblem

Things in this design:
symbol United Nations emblem (syn. of UN emblem)

This design is used by 9 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Philippines 11/24/1947 4c perf=11
Philippines 11/24/1947 6c perf=11
Philippines 11/24/1947 12c perf=11
Bolivia airmail 10/24/1950 3.60b crim issue=UN 5th
Bolivia airmail 10/24/1950 4.70b blkbrn issue=UN 5th
Switzerland 2/26/1970 50(c) issue=UN 25th perf=11.5
Australia 10/19/1970 6c issue=UN 25th perf=13.5
Central African Republic 7/15/1996 5fr issue=50th Anniversary of the United Nations
Central African Republic 7/15/1996 430fr issue=50th Anniversary of the United Nations

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