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post office

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Short desc: post office

Things in this design:
building post office

This design is used by 6 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Cilicia 3/14/1919 20pa carrose issue=1919b ovpt=CILICIE smaller oc=blk on=issuer=Turkey-carrose-post office-ovpt=crescent&star
Cilicia 4/1/1919 5pa och issue=1919c ovpt=CILICIE script oc=blk on=issuer=Turkey-och-post office-ovpt=crescent&star
Cilicia 4/1/1919 20pa carrose issue=1919c ovpt=CILICIE script oc=blk on=issuer=Turkey-1915-20pa-carrose-post office
Swaziland 5/3/1990 1e issue=Penny Black 150th wmk=w384 perf=12.5
Mongolia 11/15/1998 100t brn&blk issue=Communications and Transport perf=12.25
Mongolia 11/15/1998 200t bl&blk issue=Communications and Transport perf=12.25

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