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1976 official issue of Bangladesh

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Short desc: 1976 official

Issuer: Bangladesh
Date: 1/1/1976

Consists of 10 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5p grn d=jack fruit tree redrawn on=issue=1976-5p perf=15x14.5
10p blk d=farmer on=issue=1976-10p
20p ol d=dahlia (1976 Bangladesh) on=issue=1976-20p
25p dklil d=Bengal tiger on=issue=1976-25p
50p rosevio d=hilsa on=issue=1976-50p
60p blgray d=Bamboo water lilies on=issue=1976-60p
75p olbrn d=Tea pickers on=issue=1976-75p
1t blvio d=Court of Justice, Dacca on=issue=1976-1t
2t olgray d=Man harvesting coconuts on=issue=1976-2t
5t d=net fishing on=issue=1976-5t

All are official

Issues with this name: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Mauritania

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