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1915c issue of Turkey

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Short desc: 1915c

Issuer: Turkey
Date: 1915
Sort position: 3

Consists of 5 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5pa bis ovpt=6point oc=blk on=1901-5pa-bis
1pi viobl ovpt=6point oc=blk on=1901-1pi-viobl
2pi graybl ovpt=6point oc=blk on=1901-2pi-graybl
5pi och ovpt=6point oc=blk on=1901-5pi-och
25pi dkgrn ovpt=6point oc=blk on=1901-25pi-dkgrn

All are d=tughra (1901 a) perf=13.25

Issues with this name: Iran, Liberia (1916), North West Pacific Islands, Turkey