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Diamond Fund of the USSR issue of Russia

  • Soviet_Union-1971-stamp-Diamond_fund_2-10K_a.jpg.JPG
  • Soviet_Union-1971-stamp-Diamond_fund-10K.jpg
  • Soviet_Union-1971-stamp-Diamond_fund_3-10K_a.jpg.JPG
  • Soviet_Union-1971-stamp-Diamond_fund_2-20K_a.jpg.JPG
  • Soviet_Union-1971-stamp-Diamond_fund-20K_a.jpg.JPG
  • Soviet_Union-1971-stamp-Diamond_fund_30K_Kulon.jpg.JPG
Short desc: Diamond Fund of the USSR

Issuer: Russia
Date: 12/8/1971
Sort position: 2
Occasion: unset

Consists of 6 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10k d=narcissus brooch
10k ultra&multi d=sapphire brooch
10k car&multi d=Shah Diamond
20k grnblk&multi d=amethyst pendant
20k car&multi d=rose brooch
30k blk&rose&multi d=pearl pendant

All are dt=gems (1971) perf=12