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1900b issue of Hungary

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Short desc: 1900b

Issuer: Hungary
Date: 1900
Sort position: 2

Consists of 13 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1f gray&blk
2f olyel&blk
3f org&blk
4f vio&blk
5f emer&blk
6f dkbrn&blk
10f carrose&blk
20f brn&blk
25f ltbl&blk
30f dkorg&blk
35f redpur&blk
50f dkredvio&blk
60f olgrn&blk

All are d=turul & crown wmk=crown in oval perf=11.5

Issues with this name: Mafeking, Chile (1901), Crete, Greece, Hungary, Korea, Malaya, Federated States, Orange River Colony, Romania, El Salvador, Venezuela