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1st National Agronomical Congress issue of Bolivia

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  • Colnect-5491-723-Ox-inside-Map-of-Bolivia.jpg
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Short desc: 1st National Agronomical Congress

Issuer: Bolivia
Date: 8/2/1954
Occasion: 1st National Agronomical Congress

Consists of 8 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5b red d=map of Bolivia & cow
17b blgrn d=map of Bolivia & cow
25b bl d=map of Bolivia & wheat
85b sep d=map of Bolivia & wheat
airmail 27b d=map of Bolivia & Bolivian
airmail 30b d=map of Bolivia & Bolivian
airmail 45b d=map of Bolivia & Bolivian
airmail 300b d=map of Bolivia & Bolivian