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Ceres issue of Lourenco Marques

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Short desc: Ceres

Issuer: Lourenco Marques
Date: 3/1914
Joint issue: Ceres

Consists of 16 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/4c olbrn
1/2c blk
1c blgrn
1 1/2c ltbrn
2c redcar
2 1/2c lil
5c dpbl
7 1/2c yelbrn
8c sl
10c orgbrn
15c plum
20c yelgrn
30c brn pc=grn
40c brn pc=pink
50c org pc=sal
1e grn pc=bl

All are d=Ceres (1913)

Issues with this name: Angola, Azores (1912), Cape Verde, Inhambane, Lourenco Marques, Macao (1913), Mozambique, Portugal (1912), Portuguese Congo, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India (1913), Quelimane, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Tete, Timor