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1906b issue of Straits Settlements

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Short desc: 1906b

Issuer: Straits Settlements
Date: 1907
Sort position: 2

Consists of 3 stamps: (See stamps as list)

4c yel&blk ovpt=STRAITS SETTLEMENTS oc=red on=issuer=Labuan-9/1902-12c
4c orgbrn&grn ovpt=STRAITS SETTLEMENTS oc=blk on=issuer=Labuan-9/1902-16c
4c ovpt=STRAITS SETTLEMENTS oc=red on=issuer=Labuan-9/1902-18c

All are d=crown (1902)

Issues with this name: Ethiopia (1906), Haiti (1906), Iran (1906), El Salvador (1906), Straits Settlements