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1921 due issue of Denmark

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Short desc: 1921 due

Issuer: Denmark
Date: 1921

Consists of 16 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1o org perf=14x14.5
4o bl perf=14x14.5
5o brn perf=14x14.5
5o ltgrn
7o apgrn perf=14x14.5
7o dkvio perf=14x14.5
10o grn perf=14x14.5
10o ltbrn perf=14x14.5
20o grnbl perf=14x14.5
20o gray perf=14x14.5
25o scar perf=14x14.5
25o vio perf=14x14.5
25o ltbl perf=14x14.5
1k dkbl perf=14x14.5
1k brn&dkbl perf=14x14.5
5k pur perf=14x14.5

All are postage due d=numeral on solid panel wmk=mult crosses

Issues with this name: Belgium, Cape Verde, Cilicia, Danzig, Denmark, French Sudan, Grenada, North Borneo, Poland, Portuguese Guinea, Romania, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Syria

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