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1971b issue of Berlin

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Short desc: 1971b

Issuer: Berlin
Date: 9/10/1971

Consists of 11 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5pf org d=match & fire perf=14
10pf dkbrn d=Defective ladder perf=14
20pf pur d=hand & circular saw perf=14
25pf grn d=Drinking & driving perf=14
30pf car d=brick above hard hat wearer perf=14
40pf dprose d=Defective plug perf=14
50pf d=Nail in a board perf=14
60pf bl d=ball in front of a car perf=14
70pf d=ball in front of a car
100pf ol d=Suspended load perf=14
150pf d=fenced-in manhole perf=14

All are dt=accident prevention

Issues with this name: Bangladesh, Germany, Berlin

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