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1892 issue of Liberia

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Short desc: 1892

Issuer: Liberia
Date: 6/1892

Consists of 17 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c ver d=Liberian star
2c graybl d=Liberian star
4c grn&blk d=elephant (1892)
6c grn d=oil palm (1892)
8c brn&blk d=Hilary R. W. Johnson
10c yel&dkbl d=Hilary R. W. Johnson
12c dkrose d=Vai woman
15c grayblk d=Vai woman
16c pur d=Coat Of Arms With Elephant
20c ver d=Coat Of Arms With Elephant
24c olgrn d=Liberian star
25c grn d=Liberian star
30c dlbl d=Coat Of Arms With Elephant
32c blgrn d=Coat Of Arms With Elephant
$1 ultra&blk d=hippopotamus (1892)
$2 brn pc=yel d=Liberian star
$5 car&blk d=Pres Johnson

All are wmk=oblong rosette

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Angra, Argentina, Tasmania, Barbados, Colombia, Antioquia, Santander, Eritrea, Funchal, Haiti, Horta, Cochin, Liberia, Johore, Perak, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Niger Coast Protectorate, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Straits Settlements, Tonga, Turkey