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1921b issue of Nyassa

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Short desc: 1921b

Issuer: Nyassa
Date: 1921
Sort position: 3

Consists of 20 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/4c cl d=giraffe (1921)
1/2c dkbl d=giraffe (1921)
1c grn&blk d=giraffe (1921)
1 1/2c blk&yelbrn d=giraffe (1921)
2c red&blk d=Vasco da Gama (1921)
2 1/2c blk&olgrn d=Vasco da Gama (1921)
4c blk&redorg d=Vasco da Gama (1921)
5c bl&blk d=Vasco da Gama (1921)
6c blk&vio d=Vasco da Gama (1921)
7 1/2c blk&choc d=ship San Gabriel
8c blk&olgrn d=ship San Gabriel
10c blk&viobrn d=ship San Gabriel
15c blk&red d=ship San Gabriel
20c blk&turqbl d=ship San Gabriel
30c blk&yelbrn d=zebra & warrior
40c blk&dkbl d=zebra & warrior
50c blk&grn d=zebra & warrior
1e blk&redbrn d=zebra & warrior
2e d=dhow & warrior
5e ultra&redbrn d=dhow & warrior

Issues with this name: Antigua, Bulgaria, Barwani (1922), Madagascar, Memel, Mozambique, Nyassa, Russian offices in the Levant, Saar, El Salvador, Turkey in Asia

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