Stamps of Iran, 11 perf

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1926 1926c issue Reza Shah Pahlavi unwmk p. 11 (10 stamps)
X 1c yelgrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 2c grayvio Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 3c emer Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 6c mag Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 9c rose Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 10c bisbrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 12c dporg Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 15c paleultra Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 1k dlbl Reza Shah Pahlavi (1927)
- 2k brtvio Reza Shah Pahlavi (1929)

X 1c yelgrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 2c grayvio Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 3c emer Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 6c rose Reza Shah Pahlavi

1931 Reza Shah Pahlavi (11 stamps)
X 1c olbrn & ultra Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 2c redbrn & blk Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 3c lilrose & ol Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 6c redorg & vio Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 9c ultra & redorg Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 10c ver & gray Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 11c bl & dlred Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 12c turqbl & lilrose Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 16c blk & red Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 1k car & turqbl Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 27c dkgray & dlbl Reza Shah Pahlavi

1933 Reza Shah Pahlavi (9 stamps)
X 5d olbrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 10d bl Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 15d gray Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 30d emer Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 45d turqbl Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 50d mag Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 60d grn Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 75d brn Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 90d red Reza Shah Pahlavi

1933 Reza Shah Pahlavi (6 stamps)
- 1r dkrose & blk Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 1.20r grayblk & rose Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 1.50r cit & bl Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 2r ltbl & dkbrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 3r mag & grn Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 5r dkbrn & redorg Reza Shah Pahlavi

1935 Reza Shah Pahlavi (10 stamps)
X 5d vio Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
X 10d lilrose Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
X 15d turqbl Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
X 30d emer Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
- 45d org Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
- 50d brn Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
- 60d ultra Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 75d redorg Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
- 90d rose Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
- 1r dllil Reza Shah Pahlavi, w. unwmk
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