Stamps of China, PRC, 11 perf

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1961, Apr 5 26th world table tennis championships issue unwmk p. 11
- 8f multi Jasmine branch
- 10f multi Table tennis racket & ball
- 20f multi Table tennis
- 22f multi Peking workers’ gymnasium

1962, May 15 ancient bridges
X 4f blvio An Chi Bridge
X 8f dkgrn & grn Pao Tai
- 10f olbrn
- 20f grnbl

1963, Apr 5 butterflies 1963 issue (20 stamps)
- 4f multi Colias berylla
X 4f multi Armandia thaidina
- 4f multi Stichophthalma neumoegeni
X 4f multi Iphiclides tamerlanus
- 4f multi Ragadia crisilda
- 8f multi Lamproptera meges
- 8f multi Papilio hoppo
X 8f multi Loxura atymnus
X 8f multi Teinopalpus aureus
X 8f multi Chrysozephyrus mushaellus
- 10f multi Ixias pyrene
- 10f multi Graphium eurypylus
X 10f multi Dodona adonira
- 10f multi Libythea geoffroy
- 10f multi Capila translucida
- 20f multi Troides magellanus
- 20f multi Parnassius nomion
- 22f multi Euploea leucostictos
- 30f multi Chrysothamnus solskyi
- 50f multi Parthenos sylvia

1964, Jan 1 5th anniversary of the liberation of Cuba issue
- 8f multi flag of Cuba & flag of China
- 8f multi boy waving Cuban flag

1964, Mar 8 Women of the People’s Commune issue - Women of the People’s Commune (6 stamps)
X 8f multi woman driving tractor
X 8f multi woman harvesting
X 8f multi woman picking cotton
X 8f multi woman picking fruit
X 8f multi woman reading book
X 8f multi Woman on guard duty

1964, Mar 8 Africa Freedom Day 1964 issue
X 8f multi Chinese & African Men
X 8f multi African drummer

1964, Jul 1 Yenan issue Yenan views (6 stamps)
- 8f multi Yenan views
- 8f multi Yenan views
- 8f multi Yenan views
- 8f multi Yenan views
- 8f multi Yenan views
- 52f multi Yenan views

1964, Aug 5 peonies (1964) (6 stamps)
X 4f multi
X 4f multi
X 8f multi
X 8f multi
X 8f multi
X 8f multi
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