Stamps of Mozambique, 14x14.5 perf

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1951 fishes (1951) unwmk p. 14x14.5 (24 stamps)
X 5c multi Balistoides conspicillum
X 10c multi Chaetodon auriga
X 15c multi Chaetodon lunula
X 20c multi Pterois volitans
X 30c multi Canthigaster margaritatus
X 40c multi Stephanolepis auratus
X 50c multi Teuthis nigrofuscus
X 1e multi Heniochus acuminatus
X 1.50e multi Novaculichthys macrolepidotus
X 2e multi Plectorhinchus schotaf
X 2.50e multi Lutianus kasmira
X 3e multi Acanthurus triostegus
X 3.50e multi Abalistes stellaris
- 4e multi Fistularia petimba
- 4.50e multi Chaetodon vagabundus
X 5e multi Ablabys binotatus
X 6e multi Platax pinnatus
X 8e multi Zanclus canescens
X 9e multi Tetrosomus concatenatus
X 10e multi Dactyloptena orientalis 10.–100 1.00–10.
- 15e multi Odonus niger
X 20e multi Rhinecanthus aculeatus
X 30e multi Lactoria cornutus
X 50e multi Lactoria fornasini

1963, Oct 21 airline anniversary issue
X 2.50e multi jetliner, Super Constellation, map of Africa

1 to 25 of 25