Stamps of Aden - Kathiri State of Seiyun, imperf perf

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1966, Oct 25 ITU 100th b issue unwmk imperf (7 stamps)
- 5f och Telstar
- 10f bl Relay
- 15f blvio Ranger
- 25f rose Telstar
- 35f org Relay
- 50f olyel Ranger
- 65f rosecar Telstar

1966, Oct 25 ITU 100th c issue
- 75f blk & org Satellite OGO 5

1966, Dec Churchill's Paintings b issue (8 stamps)
- 5f grn & och Churchill at Easel
- 10f multi Antibes
- 15f multi vase with flowers
- 20f multi tapestries
- 25f multi Village, Lake Lugano
- 35f multi Church, Lake Como
- 50f multi Flowers at Chartwell
- 65f multi Churchill at Easel

1967 Rhim gazelle issue
- 20f sal Gazella leptoceros

1967 Paintings by Renoir b issue (8 stamps)
- 10f multi Two sisters
- 35f multi Two girls at the piano
- 50f multi Madame Charpentier and her Children, detail
- 65f multi Au Jardin du Luxembourg
- 75f multi Jean Renoir drawing
- 100f multi Young girl with a red feathered hat
- 200f multi Pink and Blue
- 250f multi Mademoiselle lrene Cahen d'Anvers

1967 Paintings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec b issue (8 stamps)
- 10f multi At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance
- 35f multi The clowness Cha-u-Kao
- 50f multi Aristide Bruant in his cabaret
- 65f multi At the Circus Fernando, the Rider
- 75f multi Doctor Gabriel Tapié de Céleyran
- 100f multi La Goulue Entering the Moulin Rouge
- 200f multi The Count Alfonse de Toulouse-Lautrec in Nice
- 250f multi Marcelle Lender Dancing the Bolero in "Chilpéric"

1967 Spanish riding school in the Hofburg, Vienna b issue (7 stamps)
- 10f multi Head of an adult Lipizzaner stallion
- 25f multi Pas de Deux
- 35f multi Levade
- 50f multi Passage
- 75f multi courbette
- 100f multi Pas de Deux
- 250f multi Ballotade

1967 Japanese art b issue
- 25f multi Studied under Miyakawa, by K. Shunsho
- 150f multi Boats sailing home to Yabase
- 500f multi Young girl visiting the Sanctuary, by S. Harunobu

1967 Paintings by Vermeer b issue
- 25f multi A girl with a guitar
- 150f multi Head of a girl
- 500f multi Girl drinking with a gentleman

1967 Summer Olympics, Mexico a issue
- 500f multi Olympic torch, runner, map of Mexico

1967 Summer Olympics, Mexico c issue
- 10f multi 1896 Athens
- 35f multi 1932 Los Angeles
- 50f multi 1936 Berlin
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