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About me: I'm a longtime software engineer.
About my collection: Worldwide, with interest in classics and obscure places. <p> (check Reunion 1949 ovpts in db against real stamps) <p> Also need to record that my old WP images correspond to objects in my collection.
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Real name: Stan Shebs

I keep finding new problems.:) I tried to identify the stamp Image Antti-Chydenius-1935.jpg. This necessitated adding the 1935 Finnish semi-postals to the database. The stamp now shows up in the listing on the image page, but I can't put a mark in the check box. Earlier I was able to work around the rejection of the 2½m value by changing it to 2.5m.
From Eclecticology at 7:11 am, May 17, 2011

OK, I can make comments here, but it is a little frantic between commenting here for some things, and on wiki for others. Would the personal talk pages on wiki do any better? I don't expect that there's that much private information about stamps.
From Eclecticology at 3:23 am, May 17, 2011

o look at that stan likes stamps!!!
From connieb127 at 4:56 am, April 13, 2011