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Watermark "rhinoceros"

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Short desc: rhinoceros

Users of this watermark: Sudan (28 stamps, 1962)

Used by 28 stamps of Sudan: (See all uses as list)

official 10/1/1962 5m bl issue=1962 official d=palace on=issue=1962-5m perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 1£ grn&org issue=1962 official d=camel post (1962) on=issue=1962-1£
official 10/1/1962 50pia issue=1962 official d=Sennar Dam on=issue=1962-50pia
official 10/1/1962 20pia brnol&olgrn issue=1962 official d=Bohein Temple on=issue=1962-20pia
official 10/1/1962 10pia bl&orgbrn issue=1962 official d=Sailing boat on=issue=1962-10pia
official 10/1/1962 8pia grn issue=1962 official d=palm trees (1962) on=issue=1962-8pia
official 10/1/1962 6pia redbrn<grn issue=1962 official d=cattle on=issue=1962-6pia perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 55m brnblk&yelol issue=1962 official d=cattle on=issue=1962-55m perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 4pia redlil&turqbl issue=1962 official d=Native animals on=issue=1962-4pia perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 35m issue=1962 official d=Native animals on=issue=1962-35m perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 3pia blgrn&redbrn issue=1962 official d=cotton picker on=issue=1962-3pia perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 2pia vio issue=1962 official d=Palace of the Republic Khartoum on=issue=1962-2pia
official 10/1/1962 15m issue=1962 official d=Braided Glass on=issue=1962-15m perf=14.25
official 10/1/1962 10m bl&pur issue=1962 official d=cotton picker on=issue=1962-10m perf=14.25
10/1/1962 5m bl issue=1962 d=palace perf=14.25
10/1/1962 1lb grn&org issue=1962 d=camel post (1962)
10/1/1962 50p issue=1962 d=Sennar Dam
10/1/1962 20p brnol&olgrn issue=1962 d=Bohein Temple
10/1/1962 10p bl&orgbrn issue=1962 d=Sailing boat
10/1/1962 8p grn issue=1962 d=palm trees (1962)
10/1/1962 6p redbrn<grn issue=1962 d=cattle perf=14.25
10/1/1962 55m brnblk&yelol issue=1962 d=cattle perf=14.25
10/1/1962 4p redlil&turqbl issue=1962 d=Native animals perf=14.25
10/1/1962 35m issue=1962 d=Native animals perf=14.25
10/1/1962 3p blgrn&redbrn issue=1962 d=cotton picker perf=14.25
10/1/1962 2p vio issue=1962 d=Palace of the Republic Khartoum
10/1/1962 15m issue=1962 d=Braided Glass perf=14.25
10/1/1962 10m bl&pur issue=1962 d=cotton picker perf=14.25