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75pf denom (#286)

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Desc: 75pf

Currency: German mark (100pf=1dm=1mk=1m)

Numerical sorting value: 150

Users of this denom: Allenstein (2 stamps, 1920), Bavaria (11 stamps, 1918-1920), Württemberg (3 stamps, 1919-1920), Germany (11 stamps, 1919-1948), Baden district (1 stamp, 1947), Rhine Palatinate (1 stamp, 1947), Württemberg district (1 stamp, 1947), Belgian occupation of Germany (1 stamp, 1920), Marienwerder (3 stamps, 1920), Memel (4 stamps, 1920-1922), Schleswig (2 stamps, 1920), Upper Silesia (4 stamps, 1920-1921)

Used by 44 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Upper Silesia 75pf red d=dove over mines larger unissued
Bavaria official 1918 75pf issue=official 1918 ovpt=Volksstaat//Bayern oc=blk on=issue=official 1916-75pf-unissued
Germany 1919 75pf grn&blk issue=1905 d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) wmk=lozenges perf=14
Württemberg official state 1919 75pf brn ovpt=75 oc=blk on=issue=1919 state-1919-3pf wmk=crosses & circles perf=11.5x11
Bavaria 5/17/1919 75pf grn&blk issue=1919c d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=Freistaat//Bayern(fraktur) oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-issue=1905-75pf-grn&blk wmk=lozenges perf=14
Bavaria 7/17/1919 75pf redbrn issue=1919a ovpt=Volkstaat//Bayern oc=blk on=75pf-redbrn-perf=14x14.5-unissued perf=14x14.5
Bavaria 7/17/1919 75pf redbrn issue=1919b ovpt=Volkstaat//Bayern oc=blk on=75pf-redbrn-imperf-unissued imperf
Bavaria 8/6/1919 75pf olgrn issue=1919d ovpt=Freistaat//Bayern(roman) oc=blk on=75pf-olgrn-perf=14x14.5-unissued perf=14x14.5
Bavaria 8/6/1919 75pf olgrn issue=1919e oc=blk on=75pf-olgrn-imperf-unissued imperf
Bavaria 8/6/1919 75pf olgrn issue=1919e ovpt=Freistaat//Bayern(roman) oc=blk on=75pf-olgrn-imperf-unissued imperf
Allenstein 1920 75pf grn&blk issue=1920a d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=PLEBISCITE//OLSZTYN//ALLENSTEIN oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-1919-75pf wmk=lozenges perf=14
Bavaria official 1920 75pf rose issue=1920 official a d=numeral over arms of Bavaria wmk=horiz wavy lines close
Allenstein 1920 75pf grn&blk issue=1920b d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=oval oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-75pf-grn&blk wmk=lozenges perf=14
Belgian occupation of Germany 1/16/1920 75pf car&blk issue=1920 d=++on=50c-(123)
Schleswig 1/25/1920 75pf grnbl issue=1920a d=arms of Schleswig
Upper Silesia official 2/1920 75pf grn&blk issue=1920 official b d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=C1.H.S in circle oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-75pf-grn&blk-Germania (Deutsches Reich)-wmk=lozenges wmk=lozenges perf=14
Bavaria 2/14/1920 75pf lilrose issue=1920 d=sowing wmk=horiz wavy lines close
Marienwerder 3/13/1920 75pf choc d=symbolic
Württemberg official communal 3/19/1920 75pf d=stag (1920) wmk=small circles perf=14.5
Württemberg official state 3/25/1920 75pf olbrn issue=views d=Ulm wmk=small circles perf=14.5
Upper Silesia 3/26/1920 75pf grn issue=1920c d=dove over mines larger
Marienwerder 3/27/1920 75pf grn&blk issue=1920b d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=Commission//Interalliee//Marienwerder oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-1919-75pf wmk=lozenges perf=14
Bavaria official 4/1/1920 75pf issue=1920 official ovptd wmk=horiz wavy lines close
Bavaria 4/6/1920 75pf lilrose issue=1920b d=sowing on=issue=1920-75pf wmk=horiz wavy lines close
Schleswig official 5/20/1920 75pf grnbl issue=1920 officials d=arms of Schleswig ovpt=C.I.S. oc=blk on=75pf-grnbl
Marienwerder 7/11/1920 75pf d=symbolic plebiscite
Memel 8/1/1920 75pf grn&blk issue=German overprinted d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) ovpt=Memel-//gebiet oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-1919-75pf wmk=lozenges perf=14
Germany 9/1920 75pf redvio issue=1920b d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) wmk=lozenges
Memel 1921 75pf ver<bl issue=1921b d=Liberty & Peace ovpt=large numerals oc=blk on=60pf-ovpt=bars//MEMEL//value perf=14x13.5
Upper Silesia 3/20/1921 75pf grn d=dove over mines larger ovpt=plebiscite oc=blk on=issue=1920c-75pf
Memel 1922 75pf vio issue=1922a d=sower (1906 no ground) var=1 ovpt=MEMEL(slanted)//value oc=blk on=issuer=France-1906-35c-vio perf=14x13.5
Memel 1922 75pf slgrn issue=1922a d=sower (1903) ovpt=MEMEL(slanted)//value oc=blk on=issuer=France-1903-15c-slgrn perf=14x13.5
Germany official 1922 75pf dkbl issue=1922 official d=numeral (1922) wmk=network perf=14x14.25
Germany 1/1922 75pf ultra issue=1922a d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
Germany 1/1922 75pf redvio issue=1922a d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) wmk=network
Germany airmail 3/16/1936 75pf dlgrn issue=1936 air d=airship Hindenburg over waves wmk=swastikas
Germany 2/1946 75pf brtultra issue=1946 d=numeral (1946 Germany) wmk=DEUTSCHE POST perf=14
Baden district 1947 75pf brtbl issue=1947 d=Hans Baldung Grien perf=14
Rhine Palatinate 1947 75pf bl issue=1947 perf=14
Württemberg district 1947 75pf brtbl issue=1947 d=Ravensburg Gate, Wangen perf=14
Germany 5/15/1947 75pf dkbl issue=Heinrich von Stephan death 50th d=Heinrich von Stephan (1947) wmk=DEUTSCHE POST perf=14
Germany 9/2/1947 75pf ultra issue=Leipzig Fair 1947 dt=people in groups d=collecting taxes 1365 wmk=DEUTSCHE POST perf=13½ x 13
Germany 1948 75pf brtultra issue=1948b d=numeral (1946 Germany) ovpt=posthorn area oc=blk on=75pf-brtultra-numeral (1946 Germany)
Germany 1948 75pf brtultra issue=1948a d=numeral (1946 Germany) ovpt=posthorn row oc=blk on=75pf-brtultra-numeral (1946 Germany)