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1928 issue of Upper Volta

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Short desc: 1928

Issuer: Upper Volta
Date: 1928

Consists of 23 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c ind&grn d=Hausa chief
2c brn&lil d=Hausa chief
4c blk&yel d=Hausa chief
5c ind&graybl d=Hausa chief
10c ind&pink d=Hausa chief
15c d=Hausa chief
20c d=Hausa chief
25c d=Hausa woman
30c d=Hausa woman
40c d=Hausa woman
45c d=Hausa woman
50c d=Hausa woman
65c d=Hausa woman
75c d=Hausa woman
90c d=Hausa woman
1fr brn&grn d=Hausa warrior
1.10fr d=Hausa warrior
1.50fr d=Hausa warrior
2fr d=Hausa warrior
3fr d=Hausa warrior
5fr d=Hausa warrior
10fr d=Hausa warrior
20fr d=Hausa warrior

Issues with this name: Andorra (Sp), Bolivia, Eritrea, Estonia, Germany, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Gwalior, Patiala, Liberia, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Poland, Sarawak, Somalia, Spanish Morocco, Thailand, Turks & Caicos Islands, Upper Volta, Uruguay, Canal Zone