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1948 issue of Württemberg district

  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_14_Friedrich_Schiller.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_15_Friedrich_H%25C3%25B6lderlin.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_16_Rathaus_Bad_Waldsee.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_17_Ravensburger_Tor_Wangen.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_18_Friedrich_Schiller.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_19_Friedrich_H%25C3%25B6lderlin.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_20_Kloster_Bebenhausen.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_21_Ravensburger_Tor_Wangen.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_22_Kloster_Bebenhausen.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_23_Rathaus_Bad_Waldsee.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_24_Ludwig_Uhland.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_25_Friedrich_Schiller.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_26_Schloss_Lichtenstein.jpg
  • Fr._Zone_W%25C3%25BCrttemberg_1948_27_Kloster_Zwiefalten.jpg
Short desc: 1948

Issuer: Württemberg district
Date: 1948

Consists of 14 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2pf org d=F. von Schiller
6pf viobrn d=Hölderlin (1947)
8pf blgrn d=Waldsee
10pf dkbrn d=Ravensburg Gate, Wangen
12pf crim d=F. von Schiller
15pf bl d=Hölderlin (1947)
16pf dkvio d=Bebenhausen Abbey
20pf brn d=Ravensburg Gate, Wangen
24pf dkgrn d=Bebenhausen Abbey
30pf cer d=Waldsee
50pf dlbl d=Ludwig Uhland
60pf gray d=F. von Schiller
84pf rosebrn d=Lichtenstein Castle
1m brtbl d=Zwiefalten Abbey

All are perf=14

Issues with this name: Andorra (Fr), Andorra (Sp), Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Cape Juby, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, French India, French Morocco, French Oceania, Baden district, Rhine Palatinate, Württemberg district, British forces in Eritrea, British forces in Somalia, British forces in Tripolitania, Ifni, Cochin, Iraq, Trieste, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macao, Monaco, Montserrat, Mozambique, Netherlands Indies, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Bahawalpur, Poland, Portugal, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, Romania, Russia, Ryukyu Islands, Saar, Singapore, Spanish Morocco, Tangier, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Timor, Tokelau, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay