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1967 issue of Bahamas

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  • Colnect-2306-439-Seaplane-Sikorsky-S-38-und-Boeing-707.jpg
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Short desc: 1967

Issuer: Bahamas
Date: 5/25/1967

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c d=arms of the Bahamas & Queen Elizabeth II
2c d=out island regatta & Queen Elizabeth II
3c d=high school & Queen Elizabeth II
4c d=flamingo & Queen Elizabeth II
5c d=Oceanic & Queen Elizabeth II
8c d=harbour aerial view & Queen Elizabeth II
10c d=yachting & Queen Elizabeth II
11c bl&grn&red d=hospital & Queen Elizabeth II
12c d=public square & Queen Elizabeth II
15c d=sea garden & Queen Elizabeth II
22c d=old cannons at Fort Charlotte & Queen Elizabeth II
50c d=Seaplane Sikorsky S-38 & Boeing 707 & Queen Elizabeth II
$1 d=Williamson film project & Queen Elizabeth II
$2 d=conch shell & Queen Elizabeth II
$3 d=Columbus's flagship & Queen Elizabeth II

All are wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=14

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