Stamps of Alexandretta, 0 perf

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1938 1938a issue ovpted on stamps of Syria unwmk (no perf info) (9 stamps)
- 10c viobrn ovpt, Hama tower, v. redrawn redrawn variety only?
- 20c brnorg ovpt
- 50c vio ovpt, Alexandretta
- 1p bisbrn ovpt, Aleppo citadel
- 2p dkvio ovpt, view of Antioch
- 3p yelgrn ovpt
X 4p yelorg ovpt, Damascus square
- 6p olblk ovpt
- 25p viobrn ovpt

1938 1938b issue ovpted on stamps of Syria
- 75c orgred ovpt
X 2.50p on 4p yelorg Damascus square
X 12.50p on 15p dpgrn Hama mosque

1938, Nov 10 Ataturk memorial issue ovpted (5 stamps)
- 75c orgred ovpt
X 1p bisbrn ovpt, Aleppo citadel
- 2.50p yelorg ovpt, Damascus square
- 4p yelorg ovpt, Damascus square
- 12.50p dpgrn ovpt, Hama mosque

postage due

1938, Apr 14 ovpted on stamp of Syria (no wmk info)
- 8p on type=postage due-8p (1)

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