Stamps of Belgium, 11.5 perf

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1919 King Albert I in trench helmet unwmk p. 11.5 (14 stamps)
X 1c lilbrn King Albert I in trench helmet
X 2c ol King Albert I in trench helmet
X 5c grn King Albert I in trench helmet
X 10c car King Albert I in trench helmet
X 15c graybl King Albert I in trench helmet
X 20c olblk King Albert I in trench helmet
X 25c dpbl King Albert I in trench helmet
- 35c bisbrn King Albert I in trench helmet
- 40c red King Albert I in trench helmet
- 50c redbrn King Albert I in trench helmet
- 1fr ltorg King Albert I in trench helmet
- 2fr vio King Albert I in trench helmet
- 5fr carlake King Albert I in trench helmet
- 10fr cl King Albert I in trench helmet

1921, Sep 1 1921 issue King Albert I (5 stamps)
X 50c dlbl King Albert I
X 75c red King Albert I (1922)
X 2fr dkgrn King Albert I (1922)
- 5fr brnvio King Albert I (1923)
- 10fr mag King Albert I (1922)

1924, May 24
- 5fr redbrn King Albert I

1930, Jul 1 independence 100th issue
X 60c brnvio King Leopold I, by Lievin de Winne
X 1fr car King Leopold II
X 1.75fr dkbl King Albert I

1930, Aug 9
- 4fr dkgrn & graygrn arms of Antwerp

1930, Oct 6 T. issue ovpted
- 60c brnvio ovpt, King Leopold I, by Lievin de Winne
- 1fr car ovpt, King Leopold II
- 1.75fr dkbl ovpt, King Albert I

1932 ovpted
X 2.50fr on 2.45fr dkgrn

1932, Nov 26
X 75c redbrn Picard's balloon
X 1.75fr dkbl Picard's balloon
- 2.50fr dkvio Picard's balloon

1936, Sep 10 1936b issue King Leopold III engr print (5 stamps)
X 3fr yelbrn King Leopold III (1951)
X 4fr bl King Leopold III
X 6fr brtrosecar King Leopold III (1951)
X 10fr brnvio King Leopold III (1951)
X 20fr red King Leopold III (1951)

1947, Jun Antarctic issue
X 2.25fr grayblk ship Belgica in Antarctic

1948 industries issue (12 stamps)
X 60c blgrn chemical industry
X 1.20fr brn chemical industry
X 1.35fr redbrn industrial arts
X 1.75fr brtred agriculture
X 1.75fr dkgraygrn industrial arts
- 2.25fr graybl "centre of communications"
X 2.50fr dkcarrose agriculture
X 3fr brtredvio "centre of communications"
X 3.15fr bl textile industry
X 4fr dlbl textile industry
X 6fr grn iron manufacture
X 6.30fr redlil iron manufacture

1949, Jul 15
X 1.75fr dkbrn St. Mary Magdalene
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1 to 50 of 2873