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Now I have my first question: How to delete a stamp from my collection? I want to delete: Eastern Silesia Function: postage Date: 1920 1920-02-13 Issue: 1920a Plebiscit 1920 Another question: how to delete albums. I seem to have two already, don't want any, though. Thanks for your help.
From yorktown at 12:13 pm, August 10, 2014

I am slowly growing into it, thanks. Compared to colnect and others, I find it easy and professional at the same time. The solution with avoiding catalogue numbers sounds like the only way to go for the future, when catalogues go out of business in a decade or so. But let me ask: before I enter my whole collection into your database, the big question is how long you will be around. What happens if you have a stroke tomorrow? Pardon my forwardness...
From yorktown at 2:11 pm, August 9, 2014

Your site is really impressive, because it is professional and has a high standard of research. It is sort of no-frills, and I like that. Is there a tutorial out there somewhere? I just started, and some things are hard to figure out.
From yorktown at 2:02 pm, July 20, 2014

Hi--I paid with paypal last night and I still can't use site as paid member. It's a great site. Thanks for your help! Maureen
From maureen at 9:21 pm, March 24, 2014

Hi... Used ur machine model STAMPSOFT 7003 after 5 marking machine marking pointer stopped.. I unable to recognize which part having create problem... So kindly help me to sort this problem Vinayak thakur Maint. Engineer Mail id= 09988000470 Luminous power technology pvt ltd Village ram nagar gagret distt una himachal Pradesh
From Vinayak thakur at 7:28 pm, May 12, 2013

How i can add pictures to stamps that are already on your website
From naim57 at 9:56 pm, June 4, 2012

Hi - I stumbled onto this page today and joined. The site popped up in Google as I was searching for info related to a series of stamps from Slovenia, the ChainBreakers. I noticed that the images are a "filler" or so it seems. I have scans I could contribute. I could not see a way to update them. Can you point in in the direction of how that is done? Thanks,Frank (Grandpakewl)
From Grandpakewl at 2:10 am, March 28, 2012

I know all about "good ideas at the time." I've had a number of wild ones over the years which were remarkable for being good only at the time. I noticed that the associated wiki requires a separate log in, but doesn't provide for new members. I hesitated to change the watermark data on the Dominican Republic stamps. It seemed like poor netiquette at this point. DR has never been an area of collection for me, but I do note that watermarks were rare for this country. There a few things that can happen with denominations on stamps. Some, like the Chinese stamps, don't have any at all. A few have letters like the "A" stamps of the US, or the 1st class stamps of the UK. A few early Canadian stamps show denominations in two different currencies. Looks like the Wikipedia habit of 4 tildes doesn't work here. ;-)
From Eclecticology at 2:55 am, May 16, 2011

Hi, I just discovered this site, and find it very interesting. I may not agree with all your editorial decisions, but that's not so important. I tried a couple of edits, but found the process complicated. I tried something simple: filling in missing face values. The four 1949 Chinese stamps were printed without face values, so I moved to Dominican Republic where two stamps were missing values that were easily found. I figured out that I had to add the "c" to the value for it to work then had to figure out the difference between "Save" (which didn't work) and "Save as new" (which would leave the impression that I wanted to add a whole new stamp). Then I noticed that the watermark data was wrong. I realize that you have worked on this for years, and only recently made it public. What is easy and habitual after years of use can seem anything but for a newcomer. ~~~~
From Eclecticology at 10:11 pm, May 11, 2011

Hi there Mr. Admin, this is a test comment.
From Stan Shebs at 6:19 pm, April 28, 2011